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Example Kitchen plans

Example Kitchen Design Plans

Please download the Kitchens Direct Planning Guide for more information about kitchen design.

Below are some examples you can use in your kitchen design depending on available space.These examples are also available in the planning guide.

Straight kitchen design

This is an example of a small, basic kitchen design

Straight Kitchen Plan layout

Straight Kitchen layout View

  • One line of cabinets
  • suitable for narrow spaces and small houses/flats

Galley kitchen design

A walk-through kitchen design, featuring cabinets on two sides. The Galley design or corridor kitchen is common in many apartments and open-plan layouts. Space is limited, so try and optimize or consolidate your benchtop areas.

Be careful of your appliance location. You do not want to have your appliances when opened, block any exits or not be able to open fully because of cabinetry. Try and use pull-out wall cabinets to conserve space. Economize space with floor and wall cabinetry and try and plan for overhead microwaves or look for the new models that pull out like drawers.

Galley kitchen Plan and layout

Galley Kitchen layout View

  • Suitable for kitchens with limited space
  • Extended benchtop bars are also suitable for this kitchen type

L-Shaped kitchen

One line of cabinets placed around a corner. L Shaped kitchen designs are great for small spaces and open-plan rooms.

This kitchen design locates all appliances and counter space along two walls in the corner of the kitchen space at approximately a 90 degree angle. An L shaped kitchen design allows for a compact workspace while freeing up much needed space for a dining area or storage.

L Shaped Kitchen Plan

L Shaped Kitchen View

  • Larger than straight or galley kitchens
  • Can incorporate a dining table or an island bench

U-Shaped kitchen

A U shaped kitchen design usually has one entrance and all counter space and appliances are built into a U shape. The kitchen triangle concept is definitely recommended as to create good flow between appliances. U-shape kitchens are often designed with a view through a wall or opening between rooms. This effect is great for small spaces such as flats or apartments as it will open up your kitchen to the rest of your home. If you are planning a U-shaped kitchen design where an opening exists in a wall, be aware not to sacrifice cupboard space and electrical outlets when taking that wall out. If you are unsure whether this wall is a load bearing wall, refer to your building plans or better yet seek professional advice.

U Shaped Kitchen Plan

U Shaped Kitchen layout View

  • Requires a large area
  • Represents the most flexible design

Open plan kitchen design

Kitchen design with the kitchen as part of a larger room.

Open Plan Kitchen Plan

Open Plan Kitchen View

  • Open ended bench or raised bar on two sides
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