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Door Colours and Styles

Please note that our kitchens can come in a lacquer finish, so the colour choice can be completely up to you and your imagination!
Our selection of door colours:

 Best wood Melamine FeatherWhite Hero 1 1

Feather White

Bestwood Melamine SimplyWhite Hero

Simply White

Bestwood Melamine cloud white

Cloud White

Bestwood Melamine IrishCream Hero 1


Irish Cream


Bestwood Melamine WashedMaple Hero


Washed Maple




Bestwood Melamine cape cod


Cape Cod


Bestwood Melamine Pavement Hero




Bestwood Melamine charred oak


Charred Oak


Bestwood Melamine Fossilite Hero




Bestwood Melamine SilverHaze Hero


Silver Haze

* Please note that colours shown may differ slightly on the web to their actual physical appearance.
* As with your bench top colours, your door colours are not restricted . If your prefence is different to our options offered we can source any other manufactured colour within New Zealand. Again 7 additional days is required to enable us to take delivery of the product.

Laminate Door Styles

Laminate doors give a clean and crisp appearance to your kitchen. Tuff Edge doors (with 2mm durable PVC edging) are smart, extremely durable and impact resistant. Round Edge Doors with 90 degree rounded vertical edges offer a softer, more traditional look.

 choose your kitchen cabinets style

         Tuff Edge

      Round Edge 

  • Glass doors can add dimension to your kitchen whether they are single or multi-pane. They available in all styles.
  • A capping mould is available in traditional style or 'bullnose' profile. It can provide the finishing touch to a great kitchen.
  • Professional lacquer finish to timber.
  • Kitchen storage and waste accessories. For example, pull out pantries or carousels.

Vinyl and Timber Door Styles

Colour-form vinyl doors are produced in New Zealand and meet strict standards for surface durability, impact resistance, torsional strength and moisture resistance. Moulding provides a stylish option for your doors.

Timber doors add a timeless elegance to any kitchen. New Zealand Rimu, American Oak or Macrocarpa doors contribute natural warmth and colour.

 our kitset kitchen cabinet doors come in these styles





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