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Why don't you do flat pack any more?
Kitchens Direct NZ Ltd did previously provide flat pack kitchens.  However, due to changes in freight requirements, we have found it more beneficial to all concerned to continue to provide our custom installed kitchens and delivery only custom kitchens.  Our delivery only option is limited to the South Island due to recent increases in freight charges across Cook Strait.

What is the Kitchens Direct System?
The main feature of our manufacturing system is that each kitchen is manufactured to your exact specifications. The Kitchens Direct System allows customers to play a role in the design of their kitchens and achieve significant cost savings.

Who buys Kitchens Direct Kitchens?
The Kitchens Direct System has been developed to suit a wide range of people, the system is widely used by home renovators, home builders, holiday home owners, investment property owners.

What if the standard sized cabinets in the Kitchens Direct range don't fit into my kitchen?
You can adjust the width of our standard cabinets to suit the space that you have available. Almost all of the kitchens that we supply have a combination of standard and non-standard cabinets to ensure that they fit the available space perfectly, as in the case of a fitted kitchen.

Can I have a price list?
In order to provide our customers with accurate quotations we prefer to provide a quotation for each particular job. By having one of our kitchen consultants look at the proposed design, we can be sure that every customer is provided with an accurate quotation for a kitchen that will be as functional and stylish as possible.

If Kitchens Direct don't compromise quality, how can they be so cost effective?
The modern manufacturing techniques used by Kitchens Direct ensure that the final cost is kept as low as possible. Our high volume of production also ensures that we have strong buying power with suppliers and can pass on the cost savings to our customers.

Can I have some help with the kitchen design?
Our kitchen consultants can ensure that your kitchen design is both stylish and functional. Give us a call today to tee up an appointment.


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